NOTE: YOU SHOULD NOT ENROLL IN THIS COURSE IF YOU HAVE TAKEN OR PLAN ON TAKING REAL ESTATE FINANCE (B7331) The goal of this course is to make you knowledgeable and conversant about the principles of real estate, with many changes as the world has adjusted to the new circumstances of COVID-19. As both a physical asset and an investment asset with a defined location in space, real estate is strikingly different from other asset classes. Real estate forms part of the alternative investment asset class and institutional investors invest a substantial part of their portfolio in real estate. We will look at the investors in real estate and the investment management firms and how they are investing internationally. We will give an overview of investing in all major commercial property types: office, logistics, retail, hotels, and residential, niche sectors like senior housing and student housing, and the purchase of a home and consider how these are changing to a quickly evolving world. The goal is to give an overview of the international real estate market and provide you with the tool set to identify investment opportunities globally, certainly for investing but also to find a place to live and figure out how to work.
Division: Finance
Programs/Center: Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate


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Spring 2024

B7493 - 100

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B7493 - 100