Top Management Process (TMP) prepares you for the job of a General Manager, like a CEO, who is ultimately responsible for a company’s organization (its design and success), strategy (its development and execution), operations (its P&L, innovation, and value chains), and results (both economic and social performances). General Managers' (GMs’) jobs are distinctively challenging because they need to ensure that all the units reporting to them are coordinated, integrated, and executing a common strategy that remains responsive to the changing marketplace. We will learn how a GM can overcome these challenges, make high quality decisions, and become an effective leader at the top of an organization. This course comprises four modules. The first module introduces the GM’s job and the transition from middle to general manager. The second module introduces systemic thinking, the process mindset, and explores how they can help new GMs handle complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity in their jobs. The third module delves into the organizational processes that underpin top management, including planning for CEO succession, mitigating top management team conflicts, and building and managing a board. The fourth module examines the new tasks for GMs in the contemporary era, which include reinventing companies for continuous success, responding to business disruptions, and responsibly embracing and promoting artificial intelligence (AI). This course is highly engaging and is delivered through a rich set of teaching methods, including case discussions, senior executives’ class visits, leadership simulations, movie watching, class debates, role playing, and general management exercises.
Division: Management

Spring 2024

B7515 - 001