This course provides an introduction to the strategic management of technology. Technology Strategy has three goals, which relate to the three modules of the course. The purpose of the first module, "Basics of Technology Markets", is to understand how technology and innovation shape strategic decisions. In the second module, "Technology Platforms and Network Dynamics", we will examine how firms, both in the technology sector and outside, can leverage network effects especially around two-sided platforms to gain competitive advantage - an increasingly relevant business model in todays economy. Finally, in our third module, "Technology Strategy and Society", we will interact with guest speakers to discuss how technological change impacts social organization, and how businesses might use these opportunities to create and capture value.Specific topics and questions include but are not limited to the following: - How do firms leverage network effects to build sustainable competitive advantage? What are the optimal strategies for building multi-sided platforms? How should an incumbent firm respond to "disruptive" innovations? How can firms commercialize and protect new innovations or scientific discoveries? How do new technologies change the way we interact, and how should businesses respond?
Division: Management
Center/Program: Media & Technology Program
Curriculum Pathway: Innovation, Product Management, Strategy

Spring 2024

B7570 - 001