Product management is a fast growing field born out of the need for a single person or small team of people within an organization to own the entirety of the end-to-end product development cycle, while also understanding and reconciling product decisions with business needs. This course focuses specifically on digital product management and is intended as a primer for those interested in a product management career or those with a general interest in how technology products are made. Those who want to play at the intersection of technology, business, and management are often well-suited for product management, a role that is often referred to as “CEO of the product” but without direct control of most of the resources required to build and launch a successful product. Product managers must be proficient in a broad range of capabilities, and must lead through influence, not authority.
Division: Marketing
Center/Program: Media & Technology Program
Curriculum Pathway: Product Management

Fall 2024

B7636 - 001

Fall 2023

B7636 - 001

Summer 2023

B7636 - 100