In this workshop-style course, professors Frank, Magnone, and Netzer build on their rich experience in companies like Amazon, American Express, Deloitte, Google, IBM, and Microsoft as well as academia to propose a framework and a set of well-tested rapid response tools called Quantitative Intuition (QI)™, designed to make confident decisions in a data-driven world without needing to be a math whiz. The challenge in today's world is not the lack of information but the judgment to use it. What distinguishes the person who consistently makes smart decisions? To make smart decisions it is useful to develop an analytic mindset. An analytic mindset is very different from being analytical or knowing a host of analytical techniques and is a skill that almost every manager seeks. This course will focus on the skills needed to develop an Analytic mindset, which we call Quantitative Intuition, namely focusing on the essential question, quickly sorting through information, becoming a fierce interrogator of data and analytics not from a statistical perspective but from a face validity perspective, putting the data in the context of the problem, and synthesizing the information to make an effective decision. Bringing these parts together is at the heart of the Quantitative Intuition framework—the key is knowing how to strike the right balance so you can move forward with confidence. We will not teach data analysis software tools. Rather, students will learn to formulate critical business questions to effectively frame issues. The course is aimed at managers and aspiring managers in all facets of business (e.g., consulting, marketing, strategy, product management, and finance) who wish to equip themselves with pragmatic skills to be successful in our data-driven world through precision questioning and Quantitative Intuition. One of the unique aspects of this course is that it bridges theory and practice. Oded Netzer is the Arthur J. Samberg Professor of Business at Columbia Business School; he also works at Amazon as an Amazon Scholar. Christopher Frank is a VP of Global Marketplace Insights at American Express and formerly at Microsoft and Paul Magnone is the Head of Global Strategic Alliances at Google and previously at IBM and Deloitte Consulting. Together they have developed and passed the knowledge of Quantitative Intuition to thousands of students and executives.
Division: Marketing

Summer 2023

B7676 - 100