Next to Silicon Valley, Israel is the best place for an on-site study tour of technology entrepreneurship. Much of Israel’s technology community is concentrated in a small area populated by engineers, scientists and business people who are energetic, hospitable and happy to share their experience. This study tour offers an intense exposure to technology and technology entrepreneurship in a unique environment that has been a fertile ground to multiple successful ventures, with many more in the pipeline. The study tour may well be the EMBA class with the strongest impact on your career. The week in Tel Aviv will expose you to one of the world’s most vibrant tech communities which thrives although it is geographically distant from its main markets and funding sources. At the end of the week you will be able to form your own views about the drivers of Israel’s tech success and its likely future curse. You will establish familiarity with that unusual culture with which you may find yourself doing business in the future. Moreover, you’ll take away invaluable general insights to guide you in your own career. Competing for your attention will be Tel Aviv itself. The town’s sidewalks are lined with crowded cafes. It has a lively night scene with pubs, bars and clubs that keep their doors open until the early morning hours. It stretches along the Mediterranean’s sandy beaches where the water is pleasantly warm, swimmable year round. In short, Tel Aviv is a young person’s heaven.
Division: Business

Summer 2023

B7770 - 100

Spring 2023

B7770 - 101