Given the impact of technological tools and advancements in todays modern economy, it has become increasingly imperative for business professionals and professional graduate students to have a top-down understanding of some of the most relevant, applicable, and highly technical topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and digital tokens (among others). This course offers a comprehensive primer for those without any prior technical knowledge on the aforementioned subject matters, with a special focus on theory and practice and covering introductory- to intermediate-level content coverage. We will start by covering the basics and fundamental building blocks of the technological developments and innovations that made distributed systems and digital currencies such as blockchain and Bitcoin, respectively, possible. We will ultimately end the course on more complex topics and the latest research in the field, including the fundamental challenges to our existing economics and financial frameworks and the incumbent firms as well as potential solutions to such matters. Please note absence from the first day of class will result in automatic forfeiture of students' registration. Auditing is not permitted (no exceptions).
Division: Economics
Center/Program: Media & Technology Program

Fall 2023

B7776 - 001