The Real Estate Project Class provides students who intend on pursuing careers in real estate the opportunity to learn how to analyze and execute value-add investments and presentations of same under the guidance of an experienced professor and practitioner, as well as a veteran real estate owner/investor/intermediary sponsor. The course will include instruction in investment conceptualization, analysis, strategy, research and execution. Presentation skills, both oral and written, are integral to the course and project. Two student groups, each group consisting of three or four students, will work with an outside project sponsor to create a transaction presentation based on a real-world sponsor investment. Personal laptops will NOT be permitted in class. CBS iPads will be permitted only. Either B8332 RE Transactions or at least 1-year experience of real estate/ transactions experience with instructors permission is required for this course.
Division: Finance
Programs/Center: Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate


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Spring 2024

B8334 - 001

B8334 - D01

Spring 2023

B8334 - 001