The course "Private Equity Finance" focuses on the essential aspects of corporate finance relevant to the private equity industry. It covers topics that are critical for interviews and practice in PE investing. The course follows the "private equity cycle" of selection, valuation, and harvesting. Initially, students learn to evaluate a target company from the perspective of a private equity firm, keeping in mind the needs of investors and management. The course then delves into funding negotiations, deal structuring, and private equity investment management. Classic valuation techniques such as DCF, comparables, and APV are reviewed, along with models specific to private equity transactions (for example, the LBO model). Additionally, students will gain insight into the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern private equity finance and the ethical considerations that arise in this field. Finally, the course concludes with a study of investment exit strategies. By the end of the course, the student will understand the language of private equity, the solutions available for valuation and deal structure, and the economic frictions that must always be addressed. This course provides a comprehensive overview of private equity finance and prepares students for careers in this exciting and dynamic industry. This course is an applications-oriented course requiring the student to solve actual problems. After the 2023-24 academic year, this course is a pre-requisite for all 2nd year PE electives offers in the curriculum. The 2023-24 course is not available to students who have enrolled in Foundations of PE I as half of the course material has significant overlap.
Division: Finance
Center/Program: Private Equity Program
Curriculum Pathway: Private Equity


Must be enrolled in the following Courses

Fall 2024

B8343 - 001

Spring 2024

B8343 - 001