Real estate accounts for one third of the capital assets around the world. You simply cannot ignore it in as an investor or in any business, whether the business is called real estate or not. The last few years have seen a rapid increase in the use of Big Data in the real estate industry. Much more data have become available that allow companies to radically improve their decision making and create value in ways that are rapidly transforming the real estate industry. This course will use tools from business analytics and new, large real estate datasets to help shed light on important questions in residential and commercial real estate. The course will foster both conceptual understanding and hands‐on skill acquisition through coding in Python. This course is meant both for students with strong programming background who want to learn more about real estate and for students of real estate who want to beef up their data analytics skills. Python knowledge needs to be demonstrated by passing the CBS Python advanced-proficiency exam (B0001). Anyone who has not taken "Python for MBAs" and woud like to register for that class should email [email protected] to arrange a special sitting of the advanced qualification exam.
Division: Finance
Programs/Center: Paul Milstein Center for Real Estate


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Spring 2024

B8474 - 001

Fall 2022

B8474 - 001