This course is for second year MBA students who have completed Launch Your Startup, have a clear startup idea, completed basic customer discovery, and developed at least a preliminary MVP. The course will enable students to optimize their MVP based upon iteratively refining their product-market fit, customer input, implementation plan, go-to-market strategy, and KPIs for success. We will first take a deep dive into students’ initial discovery work to revisit their findings, check assumptions, and discuss what more students need to learn about their product and customers. As the course proceeds, we will pressure-test each critical element of the MVP in preparation for launch and discover opportunities for improvement. Students will revise their MVPs based on their learnings and optimize as they proceed. This course stresses practical, measurable, implementable approaches to assess strengths weaknesses of the MVP and increase the probability of success of students’ startups.
Division: Marketing
Center/Program: Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center
Curriculum Pathway: Entrepreneurship


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Spring 2024

B8506 - 001