Success, Satisfaction and Sustainability (“3S”) is the Columbia Business School course about you. In it, you’ll develop insights, perspectives and skills you need to succeed and thrive post- graduation, both professionally and personally. By the end of the course, you will have created a detailed and thoughtful Plan of Action for bringing together career achievement, whole-life effectiveness and individual fulfillment, authentically and over time. Whatever your goals, beliefs, and anticipated next steps, 3S will leave you better prepared to build the life and future you want – and to help others in your life, community and workplace do the same.During this highly interactive and experiential six-day intensive course you’ll serve as coach for yourself and for others – and be coached in return. Through a blend of readings, class discussions, field assignments, personal reflections, and in-person exercises you’ll take a thoughtful, up-close look at the “big” issues and challenges you’re likely to confront in the 10 years post-graduation and beyond – and, in our dynamic and supportive classroom environment, think ahead as to how to navigate them. Throughout the week, you’ll also participate in a series of Small Group breakout discussions with other classmates. These discussions will allow you to sharpen and hone your coaching skills and, in the context of in-depth peer-to-peer conversation, to address key subjects we’ll cover in the course in a more individual, personalized way.
Division: Management

Summer 2024

B8520 - 001