The Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Program is a highly selective, application-based, accelerator-type course that helps students propel their businesses forward. Over the past two decades, 300 companies have successfully completed the program, with many successes such as Flexport, Happy Family Organics, Sharebite, Bloc Power, Wandering Bear, Workrise (formerly RigUp), Otherland, AmperMusic, FSA Store, and more. Greenhouse alumni have generated in excess of $10 Billion in market value, creating thousands of jobs along the way. The program provides individualized support and mentorship throughout the semester, access to experts in key fields, a focus on helping student founders refine their story and approach to investment, and funding for startup-related expenses. There is a particular emphasis on seeking talented founders who are inclined to help others in the program so that the teams can all leverage each others' experience and networks. The Greenhouse class also helps many students prepare for their application to the Lang Fund. Questions? Contact¬†[email protected].
Division: Management
Programs/Center: Lang

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Spring 2023

B8598 - 099