The CELEBRITY endorsement business has changed dramatically over the past few years. Moving away from the one-off endorsement deal, CELEBRITIES are now asking their teams to secure equity positions in businesses, and in lieu of taking seven-figure deals up front, they are willing to utilize their personal equity to propel a company's position in the marketplace. But how many of these deals really work? And what is the reality to success? In this course, we will deep dive into successes and failures. We will meet the celebrities, and/or their teams, and speak with the people who are crafting these deals. We will discuss in real time and in person, the point of view of both the company and the CELEBRITY side, and together assist with the ultimate decision to be made by both parties.This course will also explore the ever-changing world of entertainment marketing and how the BRAND is becoming a more influential partner in the entertainment product that gets released into the marketplace. We will take a look at the evolution of the deal", and what triggers both the buying side and creative side to finally produce what consumers see and hear in their homes, theaters, radios, computers, and phones. We will speak with current players in the space to see how BRANDS are converting their positions from buyer to owner, and how the entertainment community is restructuring their businesses to accommodate this fast-moving reality.The outcome of this course is to provide students with real-time, real-life knowledge of the celebrity business and for students to leave after 6 weeks with unmatched knowledge about the entertainment and celebrity world. Students will meet the best in class players in the space, and be able to enter into the entertainment and celebrity industry with real insight and useful tools for success."
Division: Marketing
Center/Program: Media & Technology Program
Curriculum Pathway: Media

Spring 2024

B8629 - 001