Innovate Using Design Thinking

Design thinking is a creative and systematic approach for solving problems by relying on human-centered and iterative processes. Human-centered refers to focusing on real people’s (usually customers’) needs and problems—as opposed to focusing on the problems of a demographic group or a segment. We will use methods such as observation and in-depth- interviews with individual consumers to generate insights that can help us develop products/services. This emphasis on observation and interaction rather than surveys recognizes that we cannot know all the challenges faced by our customers without engaging with them directly. An iterative process refers to the notion that an initial solution need not be complete and elegant. Rather, design thinking focuses on building initial rough product prototypes that are based on deep customer understanding of “jobs to be done.” These prototypes are tested soon and often and constantly evolve. Experimentation plays a big role in testing and refining potential solutions. This course will illuminate how Design Thinking can enhance innovation activities in terms of market impact, value creation, and speed. We will partner with a client to work on a live project that will be presented on the first day of class. The client will work closely with students and provide clarification and feedback. We hope to strengthen your individual and collaborative capabilities to identify customer needs using qualitative research, create sound concept hypotheses, and develop a prototype that allows for meaningful feedback in a real-world environment. The course will use a combination of lectures, cases, guest speakers, and hands-on project work. The project will give you an opportunity to come up with a creative solution to problems or challenges in a particular consumer context. This is an experiential course, and you can expect a fair amount of work between sessions (we will meet once a week). Students are expected to apply tools learned in class and work on their projects with their teams every week and to present their final pitch to the client on the last day of class.

Division: Marketing


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Fall 2022


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6:00pm - 9:15pm
Gita Johar Geffen 540
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Summer 2022


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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm
Gita Johar, Adam Royalty Geffen 540
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Spring 2022