As the “CEO of the Product” Product Managers must be proficient in a wide range of capabilities which have been introduced in the Introduction to Product Management and Product Management II classes (or the combined “Product Management” class that is replacing those two classes in the Fall of 2022). This Lab will provide students with the opportunity to put those best practices and frameworks into practice by applying them to real problems and opportunities offered up by member companies. Students will be assigned specific product challenges and be responsible for completing assignments across most stages of the product development cycle, from ideation through commercialization. The course culminates in a formal recommendation to company executives with the suggested MVP, commercialization thesis, and business rationale. This course is geared toward students that aim to work at medium to large sized companies as a product manager or leader, versus start-ups or new ventures, even if some of the concepts are applicable. Note that this class is NOT intended for someone who has previously worked as a product manager in a tech firm but has completed the pre-req classes. For pre-req specifics, see the syllabus. If you do NOT meet the pre-req, you can request a waiver by filling out this form [] prior to registering for the class.
Division: Marketing
Center/Program: Media & Technology Program
Curriculum Pathway: Product Management


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Spring 2024

B7632 - 001